20 Video Slot Explosion Machines and Masterpieces(Supplement to Model Overview)


Battafly2 Battafly2
Magic Maid Cafe Magic Maid Cafe
Hood vs Wolf
Ultra Hold and Spin ULTRA HOLD & SPIN
slot彼女 slot彼女
wicked tales dark red wicked tales dark red
The Sword and The Grail The Sword and The Grail
Willy's Hot Chillies Willy's Hot Chillies
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

Video slot bombers and masterpieces

These are the masterpieces of the video slot developers who have created them with their ingenuity and ingenuity. We have a few more recommendations for interesting, excellent, and explosive machines that cannot be described in the space provided in the overview section of the video slot payout table.



As you can see on the screen, there are three main reels on the LCD background, with a fourth reel next to it! This fourth reel spins with each spin to double or triple the payout (up to 10 times), and there are also bonus patterns. For example, if an "x3" appears on the fourth reel when the reels stop, you can win x3 times the payout if the main reel has an active role. If a blank reel with no pattern stops, only the role payout is awarded.

There is one more special element to this machine: when you win the bonus game, a car race begins. If you finish third, you get free spins; second place wins spins; and first place wins the jackpot. If you finish in first place, you can win the jackpot prize.

This Rally4 Riches is one of the few machines where you can even enjoy car racing in the video slot bonus game.

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yokozuna clash

In the play screen, the sekitori are facing each other on the ring. Normally, they are just staring at each other during play, but occasionally there is a gesture to get into the spirit of the game, which randomly changes the pattern to a wild one.

When a bonus pattern is aligned on the first and fifth reels, the long-awaited Sumo Showdown free spins begin. Life gauges for you and the enemy character appear under the ring, and if you spin and the roles line up from left to right, you are attacked, and if the opposite, from right, you are attacked by the enemy. If the roles are aligned from both sides, no damage is done to either.

The amount of Life Gauge is the same for both you and your opponent, but for some reason your opponent has three times the attack power. This is not a good match. In any case, one attack reduced your Life gauge by three. If you were lucky enough to beat your opponent in the semi-finals, you would finally face the final boss "Yokozuna" in the finals. This boss is a vicious force. His attack power is quadrupled. But if you win, the prize money you have won so far will be doubled!

Even though your attack power is weak, you will attack to a certain extent, so you will continue to attack and defend, and you will win more free spins, which will help you to accumulate more winnings. If you win the semi-final match, you will go head-to-head with the final boss, "Yokozuna. This "Yokozuna" is the last boss, which is probably why he looks so evil. The opponents up to the semifinals are usually human beings, but Yokozuna looks so bad that it is hard to believe that he is the same person as the other opponents. This is what happens when a Westerner draws a yokozuna based solely on the image of sumo! Yokozuna is no longer a yokozuna, but a demon. And his attacks are goo punches. At this point, I would like to see Yokozuna win 5 times the prize money by transforming into a monster to show his true identity when he is about to lose!

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The successor to Battafly. The rules and play are almost the same. During normal play, when four butterfly patterns appear anywhere on the reels, the four butterflies move to the first reel and a re-spin begins. During this re-spin, if a butterfly pattern appears anywhere on the remaining four reels, it will fly to the leftmost reel (in this case, the second reel) and re-spin. By repeating this process, only the reels with no butterflies will spin, and the goal is to collect as many butterfly patterns as possible, leading to big wins.

Battafly 2 has one of the most unique features among video slot machines, and it differs from the first one in that it has a multiplayer feature. This multi-player feature is a set-up that favors the player because when all butterfly patterns fill the first and second reels during a re-spin during a butterfly chance, the screen is split into two, and if even one butterfly pattern appears on one of these two screens, the re-spin will continue. In addition, this multiplayer game can have up to three screens. Moreover, the butterfly pattern itself pays a dividend, so every time you re-spin, the butterfly pattern pays a dividend, so the longer the re-spin continues, the bigger your winnings will be.

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Magic Maid Cafe

video slot

Although the game is set up in a cute way, with pictures of cakes and puddings, it also contains the elements of an explosive machine. During normal play, the multiplier in the upper right corner of the screen increases each time a card is played. Naturally, the longer the chain of events continues, the higher the multiplier becomes.

The best chance you have with this machine is the free spins, where the multiplier is 3 times the normal multiplier. If you can get a high card with an increased multiplier on a combo, you will win big.

However, do not expect too much, as the three vertical rows in the collapsing reel arrangement itself is a very unfavorable configuration for the player.

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Hood vs Wolf


This is a rare type of machine in which the upper half of the screen is an LCD screen. In this LCD screen, a girl and a big wolf are pushing each other all the time, and when the corresponding pattern appears, the girl attacks the wolf's opponent. Between the slot screen and the LCD screen, there is a life gauge for both players, and when the life gauge reaches zero, the game is won or lost and the player moves on to the bonus game.

The Big Wolf's appearance is so evil-looking that you would think that if the girl could win the game, she would win the bonus game, but the Big Wolf's bonus game is also very strong.

Once in the bonus game, a three-round rock-paper-scissors duel begins, with five free spins awarded for each win, bringing the maximum number of spins to 15.

In the LCD production, Wolf says, "You're next to my grandmother!" and "What did you do to my grandmother? What did you do to my grandma? and "I'm scared!

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Coin holding is very poor, so you need to be prepared for that when playing. The center reel has an array of three gold and silver coin patterns in a row, and the player can win the bonus game by making these three patterns appear on the center reel. The bonus game consists of four hold and re-spins per set, and if a gold or silver coin pattern appears on the center reel during these four spins, a prize is awarded and the game continues into the next set.

This bonus game has a high win amount per win, so the poor coin hold-up is the opposite of this prize RUSH.

There are other machines that feature this hold and spin bonus game. Please check this page of the Video Slot Dividend Chart for more information.

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スロットsuper heros

It is nice that these superheroes randomly appear during the game to give the player an advantage, but the flashy effects and high frequency of their appearances do not have much of an effect.

Only during the free spins, two of these superheroes will appear, so expect a synergistic effect from that.

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SlotGF Amane

Healing slots

It is a healing slot. While you are playing, the lady on the right side of the screen will cheer you up gently. In addition, when you press the spin start button, her breast will swing once.

Before the end of this pull, the spin button is quickly pressed to make the pull become a pull.

Plumbing is here.CajiTabi Official Website



This is a classic slot from Prragmatic Play. It is packed with many noteworthy elements, such as interesting regular games, free spins with giant patterns, and a jackpot game that can be won from money re-spins, so you can enjoy every spin. The regular game, which tends to be a digestive game until the free spins bonus is won, has been successfully devised to be interesting and enjoyable, and is introduced here.

First, pay attention to what is aligned on the first reel. If a bonus pattern appears on the first reel, expect to see a bonus pattern on the second and subsequent reels. If three wild symbols appear, expect three wild symbols on the second reel. If three money symbols appear in a row, do not hesitate to watch for the appearance of the remaining three money symbols. The good point of this machine in the normal game is that the probability of the appearance of three wilds in a row is very high, and the payout of each small role pattern is good and there are only eight types of patterns, so it is difficult for the pay lines to be scattered.

The free spins are spectacular, with a huge spinning pattern, but the number of spins is only 5, and it is relatively difficult to get the same pattern, so don't get your hopes up too high. However, if the giant pattern stops with a wild pattern, it is a very hot one. If a wild sequence or a high value pattern stops on the remaining first and fifth reels, you will be screaming.

If six money symbols appear, the jackpot game is awarded. In this money re-spin, even if you fail to win the jackpot, you can still win all the winnings from the money symbols that appear, so keep your eyes peeled during the bonus game.

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Wicked tales dark red

wicked tales dark red

This is an excellent model with 3x3 symbols. This frame, which covers three reels, frequently moves left and right in a normal game. There are three stop positions: reels 1-3, reels 2-4, and reels 3-5. In the case of reels 1 to 3, the giant pattern stops at 3 cards or more. In the case of reels 2 to 4, depending on the pattern on the first reel, 4 or more cards can be targeted. And for reels 3 to 5, a 3x3 symbols of the same pattern as the pattern stopped on reels 1 and 2 will lead to a 5-card win.

Since there is no multiplier attached to the free spins, there is no difference between the free spins and the regular games, except that it is easier to get a hit that contains 3x3 symbols. This means that the player can win large prizes even in the regular game if he or she can land a hit with 3x3 symbols.

When three scatters are aligned, a roulette sequence is triggered. When the roulette stops, a free spin is triggered if the character pattern stops, a cash bonus is triggered if it is a multiplier character, and a re-spin is triggered if it stops on this cash bonus. 3x3 symbols have particularly high payouts on the top and wild symbols, so target those 5 cards.

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This is a great machine from Playtech. This machine has no scatter pattern and no free spins bonus game. The alternative is the Mystery On feature, which expands from 40 lines to a maximum of 100 lines. What is so special about the Mystery On feature is that the first time you play it, you may think it is a freeze! The first time you play, you may think "Freeze!

I won't say too much here, but I would like you to experience for yourself the wonder of the production.

To play, the white wolf expansion pattern is the highest value pattern. The white wolf is the highest paying pattern, and the 4 or 5 card payout is the highest paying card, so if you can get it right, you can win big money. The 5-card payout is 750 times higher than the 4- or 5-card payout. A full ALL reel stack pays 30,000x. (But this is not likely to happen...). But that's not the point. I'm here to tell you that even half of this would pay out a whopping 15,000x. And if you get a wolf 5-card during the Mystery On feature, the payout is even higher. This feature can last up to three times, so if you are lucky enough to get two (or more) full stacks of wilds, you have a great chance. You can't help but clap your hands together.

Playtech's games are generally well-made, and they offer many excellent machines that you will not be able to miss if you don't play them. For more detailed information, please refer to our video slot payout chart.

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The Sword and The Grail

The Sword and The Grail

This is an explosive machine that has a threatening 100x wild. There are also x10, x5, and x2 wild patterns that appear randomly during normal play. When the Sword at the top of the screen is pulled out in conjunction with the spin button, the drawing begins and the wilds with multipliers are included in the array at the position where the Sword stops. Sometimes the wilds do not line up, but when they do, all wilds with multipliers are included in the array.

The 100x wilds make it difficult to get 4 and 5 cards because each pattern does not have a continuous sequence, but the wilds' appearance rate and the probability of winning the free spin bonus are not bad.

This machine has only five free spins. Every time you collect 5 shield patterns (scatters) during a spin, you are promoted to the next multiplier zone. At the same time, you get 5 additional spins. x10 Free spins with x100 wilds if you can clear the zone. You have 5 chances. You want to get at least 4 cards, even if it's a low value pattern, but if you get 5 cards, you will win an amazing amount of money.

The x100 wild can also appear during normal play. However, the goal is still to win the free spins, where you have 5 chances.

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The target is the HANZO spin with booster. This is one of the four boost features on the right side of the screen that is randomly selected and triggered. The free spins that are awarded when 3 scatter patterns appear are also excellent, with a 3x3 panel covering the center reel and 9 spins, so you can expect a certain amount of payout, but with or without the boost, the expected payout is completely different.

During normal game play, the top three reels of the screen spin at the same time, and one of the three types of patterns plus a blank pattern will come to a stop. This top reel has a large impact on the prize payout, so pay attention to it when spinning. In addition, the first five reels have a continuous array of low-priced patterns, and since this is a 25-line machine, the patterns line up well. The added benefit of the top reel makes this an excellent machine that is both fun to play and pays out a high payout.

There are two ways to win free spins with a booster. First, during the regular game, you can win one booster feature and 10 spins by matching two or more free spin patterns and a free spin pattern on the top reel. In addition, if you can get a free spin pattern to appear on the top reel during free spins, you can win an additional booster. During the free spins, the player must also pay attention to the 3x3 reels and the pattern on the top reel.

The four booster functions are selected at random, but all of them are very good, so you will have a great chance to win any of them. In addition, it will be a great shout if you win two or more boosters.

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Willy's Hot Chillies

スロットwilly's hot chiri

The three wilds with multiplier have the destructive power of a single hit, so you can enjoy every spin.

This machine has two features: first, each reel from the 2nd to the 5th reel contains a Wild triplet (max. x5) with a multiplier. The second is that there is no free spins bonus game. Instead, there is a roulette-style cash bonus game called "Willy's Hot Wheel," which is quite good and enjoyable.

This is an unusual machine in that all reels stop at the same time. The best chance for a high payout is to aim for a wild triplet with a multiplier when a high value pattern stops on the first reel. If the first reel has a bonus pattern, you can also win "Willy's Hot Wheel" when a wild triplet appears on any of the remaining four reels.This is because the bonus game of "Willy's Hot Wheel" pays out even more after you have won a large prize on a wild trifecta. However, the bonus is not to be underestimated, as it can pay out some serious winnings.

Machines that have the destructive power of a single hit often have an opposite element, and in the case of this machine, the payout multiplier for each pattern has been set low. This means that the payout during the regular game is inevitably low unless you hit a jackpot that includes a Wild with this multiplier, and although the wilds appear frequently, the probability of multiple wilds in a row is low.The lack of free spins also means that there are too many Wilds with multipliers. The lack of free spins also means that the Wild with Multiplier is too much.

As mentioned above, the specifications are such that there is an element of a strong jackpot, but in reality, it is best to hit for a medium jackpot.

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This is an explosive machine from Playn'Go. This machine has no free spins or cash bonuses. In general, machines without bonus games are designed to allow players to win big during regular games.

First of all, let me tell you that this machine is designed to hit the jackpot in one shot. The target is the MULTIPLY MORTAR, which, as the name suggests, multiplies the total amount of winnings by a multiplier up to 15 times.And since the sixth spin of the multiply mortar is guaranteed to land a picture of some kind, it always pays out, and with a high picture + Hi Multi, the hit is as good as the free spins bonus prize.

〈How to play.〉
Two consecutive wins radiate a GROWTH GUN. This is an attack that changes any one or two patterns to one rank higher after the spin is stopped; after a win on the third spin and four more consecutive wins, a sticky shot is radiated when the spin is stopped. This makes any two patterns sticky and starts the spin again.If you win this re-spin, a WILD WARHEAD will be released at the start of the fifth spin. This is literally a guaranteed spin with 1-3 wild patterns. A win on this fifth spin will finally radiate a MULTIPLY MORTAR on the sixth spin. This sixth spin is a guaranteed win, so just sit tight and hope for a high multiplier plus x10 or more.

This machine has 5 lines. The second half of a winning streak is more likely to continue, so if you win four times in a row, you have a high probability of reaching MULTIPLY MORTAR after that. Therefore, the hardest part of the game is the second consecutive win and the third spin. If you can get through this point, the probability of winning on the fourth spin is about 50%.When you get to the mortar, you can aim for the highest paying dolphin pattern, or the highest paying wild pattern and multiplier of x10 or higher. Or the highest paying wild and multiplier of x10 or more.

Casinos where this game can be playedCajiTabi Official Website



This is a Playn'Go classic. The variety of feature presentations during regular games, the good balance between earnings and free spins due to the triple array of high-value patterns, and the fun of free spins prove that this is a good machine.

As explained earlier, this machine has a wide variety of effects during the regular game, and the free spins are relatively frequent. During the free spins, there is no feature presentation, but the battles with the enemy characters go back and forth, which is very exciting to watch.

(How to play Free Spins)
The start of the free spins is the start of Battle. A gauge showing the battle status is displayed at the top of the screen with your character, the champion, and enemy characters lined up. All enemy characters that appear on the reels when the spin starts and stops are stocked in the gauge.At this time, one or more of your characters must also appear at the same time. And one champion can defeat one enemy. For example, if there is one enemy character and three champions at the time of the spin stop, one of the enemies at the time of the spin stop will be defeated first. If, for example, there is one enemy character and three champions at the time of the spin stop, the first thing to do is to defeat the enemy character at the time of the spin stop.If the gauge is cleared of enemy characters in this way, the champion wins and the free spins end. On the other hand, if the gauge fills up with enemy characters and the champion is driven to the left edge of the screen, he loses and the free spins end.

If there is no champion when the spins are stopped during free spins, no enemy character is also stocked.In addition, the right end of the gauge is lined up with a higher value pattern, and the same enemy characters are lined up next to each other in the gauge. The more enemy characters are lined up next to each other in the gauge, the higher the payout will be.The second and third attacks of the champion are multiplied by x2 and x3, so if you can kill many enemy characters at once during the attack with this multiplier, you can aim for a high prize.

At the start of the free spins, you will be asked to choose between a male or female champion. If you choose the female champion, you will win between x20 and x100 of your total bet in the free spins when you win a battle.When a male champion wins a battle, he can replay the free spins battle from the beginning. This replay will not be available if the player loses the battle.This is the same for the female champion, but if she loses, she will not benefit from it.

The secret to victory is mixing it up. If too many enemies are lined up, the game will be cleared, and if not, you will lose.

Casinos where this game can be playedCajiTabi Official Website



This is a masterpiece of graphics, sound, payout multipliers, and gameplay, and it is based on a traditional Tohoku festival. When a winning hand is landed, a line of light traces the payline and the pattern that lands on the line blinks, creating the effect of watching a fireworks display, and the floating patterns look great against the watermark background.The atmospheric sound combined with the playfulness will soothe your mind.

This machine has two types of bonus games. The cash bonus game offers relatively high payouts, and above all, the goldfish scooping game is a very playful setting. The free spins are set at a low 8 spins, but since +2 spins are added for each scatter pattern that appears, the maximum number of spins is actually over 15 and reaches 20 with a high probability.During the free spins, the wild pattern expands to become a triple wild, and this triple wild moves to the next reel to the left on every spin, so you can aim for higher payouts by matching the triple wild with the triple wild.

The goldfish scoop cash bonus seems to have a high probability of winning, so it aligns relatively often. The free spins are triggered by a high value 5-card sequence, so aim for a sequence with 3 wilds in a row.The wild pattern is the highest paying pattern in this machine, and it pays about three times as much as the highest paying pattern, so if a five-card wild pattern appears during the free spins, it is a very hot situation.

Casinos where this game can be playedCajiTabi Official Website

Easter Eggs

Easter egg

This is a classic slot by Play'n Go. The reels are watermarked with a blue sky and a field in the background, and the patterns are of rabbits, goats, and other animals, creating a relaxing atmosphere.The payout is high for a 20-line machine with 2 multipliers on the wild symbol that substitutes for all patterns except the scatter pattern.

Although there are no triplets, this is compensated for by a cash bonus, a double wild multiplier, and a double payout even when two scatters are lined up.

way of playing (a game)
Aim for a line containing a golden egg while aiming for a three-piece lineup of the two types of bonus patterns, the free spin scatter and the basket scatter.The Golden Egg wilds pay as high as 1000 times as much when four wilds are lined up in a row, but even with regular patterns, if there are multiple wilds on a payline, they multiply, so you can play with coins even in regular games if you get a high value pattern or five cards in a row.

Free Spin Bonus
Free spins are awarded when three free spin scatters appear. At the start of the free spins, you can choose one of three different patterns, each with different multiplier multipliers and number of spins, which are the terms and conditions of the free spins.

candy egg bonus
The Candy Egg Bonus is awarded for the appearance of three Basket Scatter Sibbolts. This is when you choose one of the three eggs and the egg cracks open to reveal a rabbit inside to win a prize. You may get a chance to choose another egg at this time.If you succeed in breaking all three eggs, you will win the bonus game of the 2nd stage of the giant egg, which awards even greater rewards. The third egg will be a winner and a loser, and if it is a winner, you can proceed to the 2nd stage of the giant egg.

gambling game
A gamble game is included with the chance to double your winnings during base games and in the free spins bonus. There are two ways to wager: four choices of playing cards or two choices of red and black, with a high multiplier of 4x for the four choices of playing cards, and 2x for red and black.The four-times of playing cards is attractive, but it is difficult to guess the win amount. If you win these two choices twice in a row, you will win the same amount as 4x the playing cards, so it is better to choose the two easy-to-guess choices. If you are too close to winning the free spins, you can try it and win a lot of money if you win both red and black in a row.

Casinos where this game can be played Yous Casino Official Website



Big Bass-Bonanza is the first in a series of Pragmatic Play titles produced on the subject of fishing. The machine's explosive element makes the regular games dry, so coins are almost always lost.Instead, the five cards with the highest-priced patterns pay high dividends, so if they all come together, you can make up for all the money you have spent up to that point.

The money symbols with fish patterns do not pay out in normal games, and this is one of the reasons why the coin holdings are so low. However, three or more cards pay a small amount of money.In addition, there are no wild patterns in normal games and no cash bonuses other than the free spins bonus, so you can only aim for three scatters or hope for a high five-card pattern in normal games.

Free spins are a way to win large cash prizes by capturing fish patterns, but you can only collect all the money symbols that appear if a wild pattern appears when the spin is stopped.Also, if a total of 4 of these wilds appear during the 10 spins, you can win an additional 10 spins with a multiplier of 2. If you want to win big, this second stage is the place to start.If you can make four wild patterns appear in this second stage as well, you will be awarded an additional +10 spins. And lastly, 10 spins for an unbelievable prize of 10x multiplier.The probability of reaching this point itself is considered to be quite low, considering that the prize money should have been earned by the time the player has reached this point, and that the player will have to add more to the prize.If you get the first 5 scatters, you will have 20 free spins, which is very lucrative, so you will have a great chance then.

The lack of wild patterns during normal games, which has been eliminated because of the specifications that have been designed to provide an explosive element, is a pain. In the free spins where those wild patterns appear, the wild pattern appearance rate seems to be actually low, so 4 wilds in 10 spins is not so easy to get.

The differences between the Big Bass series are mainly in the number of lines, and the bonus structure is the same. The only difference is that the latest model, Splash, has different specifications. The first model seems to have the highest probability of winning free spins, so if you want to win bonuses anyway, we recommend you to play this first model.

Casinos where this game can be playedCajiTabi Official Website



The game is reminiscent of the app game "Fruit Ninja," in which the fruit pattern is cut into pieces.It could be a pacifier, but it could also be a collaboration. Even if it is the former, the perfection and good quality of this model will convince you.

Cash bonus
Five kinds of fruits are decorated as targets, and players can win cash prizes by hitting the target fruit with a shuriken.The shuriken throw continues until it misses the target, so you can win more money by hitting more targets. The maximum prize is 150 times the total bet.

Free spins
Free spins are awarded when 3 scatters appear. At the beginning of the game, the extra pattern and the number of spins are drawn, and the number of spins is randomly selected from 10 to 20. The selected extra pattern has an expansion feature, so if 5 cards are in a row, all the patterns will be in play.In addition, the extra pattern is unique in that it is possible to win a prize even if the pattern does not appear in sequence starting from the first reel, so if the same pattern appears anywhere on the reels, the player can win a prize of 15 lines times the payout for that pattern.

Way of playing a game
The high stakes patterns pay out when two of them are lined up, and the high wild card appearance rate makes it easy to line up two cards, a high stakes pattern and a wild, and the overall payout setting itself is high, so you can play with a relatively high coin count.In the free spins, if a low value pattern (fruit pattern) is selected as an extra pattern, the aim is to get all the patterns with 5 cards. On the other hand, if a high value pattern is selected, the player must aim for 4 or more cards.The number of free spins is random, but the winning rate of 18 or 20 spins is also high, so you have a chance to win a large prize when you win 20 spins. This machine also has a gamble feature.

Casinos where this game can be playedCajiTabi Official Website

Introduction to Video Slot Dividend Chart

This video slot payout table lists the main specifications of the machines. In addition, all machine information images are included, allowing you to quickly and efficiently check and search machine specifications. The site also includes explosive machines, easy-to-win machines, and machines with plenty of losing factors, so you can use it as a preliminary check when selecting a machine.

The main specifications listed are RTP, number of lines, payout multiplier, number of free spins, cash bonus or not, WILD streak, jumbo symble or not, jackpot or not, and overview of how to play. These main specs information is listed for each model.

Video Slot Dividend Table (example)